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When you have legal concerns in the areas of estate planning, real estate, or bankruptcy, you want the best advisor on your team.  I have been helping clients for over thirty-five years. Contact me today for a free initial consultation.  



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With free parking and easy access to public transportation, my Needham offices are open during business hours. I am also available evenings and weekends by appointment. I offer flexible payment plans and free initial consultations.

Warren J. Hurwitz

Attorney at Law


Warren J. Hurwitz, Attorney at Law

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I strive to provide a high level of quality personal service, always keeping clients informed and protecting their rights. Whether you are looking to protect your assets with a comprehensive estate plan, want a fresh start through bankruptcy or you are involved in a transaction or dispute involving real estate, an experienced lawyer like me can help. I provide clients with legal services in the following areas:

  • Estate Planning

  • Real Estate Law

  • Bankruptcy


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